amy VILELA for the people

My entry into politics came in the wake of my daughter, Shalynne's, needless death at the hands of our profit-driven healthcare system.  Sometimes we experience such profound loss that it changes the course of our lives forever.  Losing Shalynne became that defining moment in my life.  Now that my eyes are open to the gross, cruel realities and injustice of our country, I cannot and will not close them again.

We don't have time to wait around for career politicians, their donors or special interests to do the right thing. We need bold action, now. We need representatives in Washington that understand the stakes of this fight and who will never stop advocating for the people. 

I'm much much more than a grieving mother, but because I am a grieving mother, I will never give up. I will never get tired. And I will never stop fighting for justice and dignity for Nevadans and for the people of this country. 


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