I have been advocating non-stop for healthcare across Nevada, as well as across the nation. I've been telling the story of my daughter, Shalynne. Two years ago, Shalynne went to the emergency room with nearly all the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of a blood clot.  Because she was unable to provide proof of health insurance, she was denied the appropriate care, which ultimately led to her dying in my arms of a pulmonary embolism.  

Her death at the hands of our Nation's barbaric, profit-driven healthcare system, tragically, is an all too familiar story.  The fight, not only against repealing the ACA, but for expanded and improved Medicare for All has become my calling.  I didn't choose this fight, it chose me.

I'm tired of witnessing self-proclaimed progressive congressman regurgitating the same old corporatist rhetoric, circumventing the real reason our healthcare system is failing Americans: profit.

As a business woman, I understand all too well that insurance and pharmaceutical companies are solely motivated by profit margins. But I'm not just a business woman. I am a human, a grieving mother, a Nevadan, and, now, an activist.  I know that healthcare is a human right, not just another consumer product.  In order to ensure that all Americans have quality, comprehensive healthcare, we must remove profit motive from the equation. We must fight loudly and proudly for Medicare for All, and I intend to bring this fight all the way to Washington.

We don't have time to wait around for career politicians, their donors or special interests to do the right thing. We need bold action, now. We need representatives in Washington that understand the stakes of this fight and who will never stop advocating for the people. 

I'm much much more than a grieving mother, but because I am a grieving mother, I will never give up. I will never get tired. And I will never stop fighting for justice and dignity for Nevadans and for the people of this country. 



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